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Ресторан Трес Амигос



Tender and melting donuts in the mouth from brewed dough, served with chocolate and banana sauce

130/50 g.

Nnatural hot chocolate according то the recipes of the ancient Maya

110 g.

260 RUB
300 RUB

Bananas fritas

Strawberry chimichanga

Fried in coconut chip bananas with chocolate syrup and ice-cream ball

120/40 g.

Crispy fried tortillas a filling of strawberry and ginger served with home whipped cream and chocolate sauce

240/50 g.

230 RUB
330 RUB

Fruit chimichanga

Ice Cream

Crispy fried tortillas with a filling of fresh fruit served with home whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

240/50 g.

Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio ice cream

40 g

330 RUB
50 RUB

Ice Cream «Tres Amigos»

Ice Cream «Wild Berries»

Three balls of ice-cream with our hot home praline sauce

120/50 g.

Three balls of ice cream with hot wild berries

120/50 g.

270 RUB
230 RUB

Chocolate cake

Hот apple cake

Enchanting fantasy with bitter chocolate and nuts

140 g.

Hот apple cake with ice-cream ball

140/40 g.

340 RUB
310 RUB